Exit scam investigation & reporting service

ScamWatch™ is a crowdsourced investigative body aimed at identifying, verifying, and exposing ICO scam activities to the cryptocurrency community.


Report a scam

Tell us which ICO you want to report and why you believe it's a scam. If your information is helpful to our investigative team you will be immediately notified with instructions on claiming your free DOG tokens


Exit scam rewards

ICO Watchdog rewards you for reporting ICO Exit Scams around the world. You could win a bounty of up to 100,000 DOG tokens for providing new and definitive information about any active ICO scams.

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Community watchdogs

ICO Watchdog invites members of the cryptocurrency community to become a trusted watchdog and valued participant in our proprietary monitoring system. All Watchdogs can vote on the credibility of potential ICO exit scams and are entitled to receive a DOG bonus for helping us to identify a verified scam.

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